Sunday, January 18, 2009

ah Israel, gorgeous, golden land! The land where the people of the Jewish faith can go and finally feel safe. Where industry and perseverence are the hallmark of the people. Where education of the people is paramount, and the minds and hearts of the children are nurtured with joy and love. Where a shining, strong nation rose up through the hands and hearts of a people so strong that NOTHING could totally extinguish the flaming will to live that is in the hearts of all Jews....ALL JEWS...all over the world. WE stand and cheer and pray and send our love across the land to you, to those who make a stand and protect a country brought forth from the sand and heat and broken hearts. Be strong, protect what you have created! Be proud, and rest assured that some day, yes, some day there will come a total reckoning, and all humanity will take a step back and see you for what you are; a land of the free, a home of the brave. Shalom