Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This is just me getting started....

What I think Americans need to consider:

Abolish political parties: let all candidates prove to the people that they are learned, compassionate, civic minded, frugal, inventive, humane, forward thinking, and have the ability to listen quietly, to adjust direction for the good of the people and the country, to deny access to self serving entities with money to influence votes, and to have advisors that represent all levels of our society and that share all these afformentioned qualities. These people must, above all, understand that they are being voted for by the American people and the American people have the ability to remove them if they do not adhere to these precepts.

Abolish the electoral college. One citizen, one vote.

Abolish political access to television. No political ads allowed. Politicians are allowed to stump, to have their live speeches broadcast on National Public Radio only. They can accept offers for interviews by media representatives who exhibit the same qualities to which the candidates are subject. There are plenty of news shows on tv where they can have their voices heard.



Saturday, November 12, 2011

From mile marker 64: I question the sage who sits on the back of my eyes....I ask, I say, is it best to immerse myself in the sadness of my failures? Is it best to know the failures are there, they' re mine, I acknowledge them, now move forward? Is it best to shove the failures into the locked room behind my eyes, and not let them out to spread across my table to be examined for color and density and texture? Which is what I do, again and again....look for reason and color, meaning and density, truth and texture.