Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am very uncomfortable expressing my dismay concerning the lowering of my hourly wage again. Surely an error has been made. How can there be any legitimate justification for lowering the wage of a long term, loyal and and competent employee? Am I to read dire undercurrents into this? Am I being told that I am not a valued team member? Am I to read between the lines of a not so subtle hint that I am dispensable, disposable, and certainly not appreciated or valued? There is barely any other way to read this. I have been depreciated. I am stunned and overwhelmed. How do I absorb this and in what direction do I go next? This is a deplorable, and underhanded way to treat a person that has worked and struggled from the inception of this program, to haul the building blocks that have made it what it is today. I am devastated.