Wednesday, December 21, 2011

...turning into our mothers.....

In response to Amy Ferris realizing rather suddenly that she can, with no conscious forethought, turn into her mother .......

oh gosh, Amy. That must have been such an abrupt, neck damaging 'hold up there girl' moment. It makes me realize that within me/you live many women; some exquisitely beautiful, some...not so much. Thankfully that whiplash woman doesn't show her face too often; my cats would pack a duffel and move next door. But, I think we can take heart in the true and honest fact that for the most part, we're pretty good people to be around. Forgive yourself, precious woman who, at times, is a bit high maintenance. 

The spirit that lives in all women can, at times, explode in the faces of her captors, and it's probably a good idea to stand back.

Temporary Blindness

The most recent posts on FB concerning the callous disregard for the most vulnerable Americans caused me temporary blindness. No wonder our so-called 'government' is in such a ball of knots. Sometimes, at least in my experience, when a skein of thread/yarn becomes so entangled as to be impossible to untangle, it just flat needs to be tossed. Some areas where you can extract usable lengths can be salvaged, but others are knotted up with lint and cat fur and are so disgusting and 'furball' like ya' just gotta' toss em'.