Thursday, June 25, 2009

It has been a year since I held you in my arms......

tomorrow they has been a year since I held them, kissed their baby smooth skin. All that is left to do is make their beds, and make sure my stock of peanut butter is up to snuff, and pray that the hungry Pacific is busy doing something else while their plane crosses so high above. Is it possible to keep an airplane in the air merely by the force of love for the occupants? So high, so far away.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Source
The streets of Chicago…In the springtime of the year you can taste the flowering,and feel the silky air caress your skin.At dusk, in summer you can hear the streets sigh with relief as the sun sets and humid air rises like a twirling, cartwheeling tap dancer leery of touching down on the moist, spongy asphalt.
In the autumn the smell is smoke.And sounds are crisp, and children crunch and stomp through fallen piles of leaves.And pump to the sky on rusty chain swings; head down, feet up.
And winter will take your life if you don’t know how to sidestep quickly.The purple sky is bruised and hurting and mean enough to punish you,you the innocent watcher,for no reason.
But winter also sings; the voice is icicles; tinkling bell notes,glittering in streetlights, mesmerizing your mind,drawing you slowly over icy sidewalks,searching for the source;the source of sound,and light,and warmth.