Wednesday, December 21, 2011

...turning into our mothers.....

In response to Amy Ferris realizing rather suddenly that she can, with no conscious forethought, turn into her mother .......

oh gosh, Amy. That must have been such an abrupt, neck damaging 'hold up there girl' moment. It makes me realize that within me/you live many women; some exquisitely beautiful, some...not so much. Thankfully that whiplash woman doesn't show her face too often; my cats would pack a duffel and move next door. But, I think we can take heart in the true and honest fact that for the most part, we're pretty good people to be around. Forgive yourself, precious woman who, at times, is a bit high maintenance. 

The spirit that lives in all women can, at times, explode in the faces of her captors, and it's probably a good idea to stand back.

Temporary Blindness

The most recent posts on FB concerning the callous disregard for the most vulnerable Americans caused me temporary blindness. No wonder our so-called 'government' is in such a ball of knots. Sometimes, at least in my experience, when a skein of thread/yarn becomes so entangled as to be impossible to untangle, it just flat needs to be tossed. Some areas where you can extract usable lengths can be salvaged, but others are knotted up with lint and cat fur and are so disgusting and 'furball' like ya' just gotta' toss em'.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This is just me getting started....

What I think Americans need to consider:

Abolish political parties: let all candidates prove to the people that they are learned, compassionate, civic minded, frugal, inventive, humane, forward thinking, and have the ability to listen quietly, to adjust direction for the good of the people and the country, to deny access to self serving entities with money to influence votes, and to have advisors that represent all levels of our society and that share all these afformentioned qualities. These people must, above all, understand that they are being voted for by the American people and the American people have the ability to remove them if they do not adhere to these precepts.

Abolish the electoral college. One citizen, one vote.

Abolish political access to television. No political ads allowed. Politicians are allowed to stump, to have their live speeches broadcast on National Public Radio only. They can accept offers for interviews by media representatives who exhibit the same qualities to which the candidates are subject. There are plenty of news shows on tv where they can have their voices heard.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

From mile marker 64: I question the sage who sits on the back of my eyes....I ask, I say, is it best to immerse myself in the sadness of my failures? Is it best to know the failures are there, they' re mine, I acknowledge them, now move forward? Is it best to shove the failures into the locked room behind my eyes, and not let them out to spread across my table to be examined for color and density and texture? Which is what I do, again and again....look for reason and color, meaning and density, truth and texture.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

William Arthur

He is luminous and luscious
a round cornered boy of sturdy bearing.
his mind is electric, shooting sparks
through his eyes,
you see his soul.
Green eyed boy,
of sweetness made.
of knights and butterflies
and hidden dreams.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bone and Flesh

There is a house

Made of bone and flesh

Who lives inside?

What lives inside

Dark corners, too small

Room after room

Room after room

Room after room

Windows opaque, unseeing

Unseen, the truth of being

Too fearful to raise it’s head,

furtively glancing behind

And beyond.

Sniffing the air, wishing for rain,

Wishing for soup.

A house made of bone and flesh,

So slowly it twirls,

A child at twilight

Golden hair lifting,

Skirt rising,

ballooning around dirty knees.

Tiptoe tiny dancer,

Green green grass beneath

her dirty feet.

Dance dance dance…

Hands outstretched

Wishing for hands

To touch.

Eyes closed upon the


No firefly lights

Her way

No hands reach out.

Spinning slowly

Furtively peering over

Window sills,

Through glass opaque,

No hands reach out,

Or through.

No rain

No soup.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

this is a personal observation in regard to water versus rock: I think of myself as a multi colored, multi surfaced rock tumbling and bouncing through the watery stream of life. Sometimes I get lodged up against a larger rock, a stuck in place rock, but the flow of the water dislodges me and I once again roll with the current. The sound of the stream is what is attractive to me; the tinkling, laughing sound of freedom, freedom to move on, freedom to stay in place, freedom to temporarily float in a still pool, and then freedom to catch that current and move on to whatever comes next.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

when the light is flashing...

at night
in the wrinkled cloth of night,
the stoplights flash,

a plea for help...

as furtive shadows creep
denying kindness
and healing.

the sounds of metal scaping

and odor of wet asphalt,
releasing thin
recede into the night noise
static recede
perfume of night

flashing lights

Friday, April 15, 2011

a hug for Brauna...

feel not alone,
for your heart is in good company.
feel joy, feel release,
feel a mother's love,
the holding tight
the caress,
the instruction
for a life of good works,
and the letting go.
feel not alone,
for you are in good company.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

You are a Gift to Me...

sometimes we run faster than impatience, and when we slow
it slams into our back, knocks us down, and stands on us... stomping on us
in a dance
with arms raised victorious over our better judgement.
But stand good girl,
but stand, and brush off the now fluttering arms of impatience,
brush them from your face and look....and see....and breathe
....and then smile.
You've learned a trick! why you can teach an old dog new tricks!
Be kind to yourself, yes, be kind to yourself.
The time of super sonic speed, and super woman deeds, and super over inflated emergencies is past.......
and it....
....sits in the dust that you,
you, have created.
face forward, love of my life, yes I love you,
face forward and experience each and every moment,
each and every moment.
A gift, this moment, this life
look inside and see me
tell you, "You are a me, and I love you."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I believe I have created the last of my dolls. thank God it was for Connie, the incredible woman in Texas who has more of my work than I do.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's strange how your discontent or happiness affects me. I have a thin current of worry with your name on it
that flows alongside all the other worries
in my underground reservoir. I think,
at least in your case,
the worry revolves around unfulfilled creativity. But,
I have an even larger stream
that flows
whose name is 'faith'. They intertwine
and flow together forever
over the edge of my visible horizon.
One balancing the other.
So love, be good, be happy, drive carefully,
and make me something pretty
from your heart.
love you, M

Saturday, January 1, 2011

what is most precious in your life?
what sits close to your heart?
the warm from the proximity,
the ease of the silence
the touch, so sweet,
but no touch needed.
only the distance
so small.
The colors of close,
of warm,
of safe,
of close your eyes
I know how you feel,
now rest.
You are here
you are near.

Happy and Healthy New Year To All!!