Monday, April 23, 2012

Do your dance...

Denver is a noisy and wild place.  I live here.  
Today my son asked me where I would live if I had the choice; I said I'm no longer sure.  I feel like I have no place that I call 'home'.  So wherever I am, I make it 'home'.   To my children, wherever I am is home.  Kind of skewed, but it seems to work.  
   I would like to be surrounded by kind people, by green and growing things, by laughter and babies and my children and grand children.  I don't mind getting older; each day brings me something new to learn or experience and I'm thankful for that.
   In 1997, when I got so very sick, the doctors didn't think I would 'wake from the coma'  'have a functional brain' live more than a few more hours, then days, then months, and now 15 years later they all look at me like they are in the presence of a miracle....and I agree, life is a miracle.  Every day is a gift.  Time does appear to be moving faster, but it's all a part of the miracle.  All it means is that within the parenthesis of each day a person must wring out all the good stuff.  Do your dance.  Don't expect anything, be thankful for the gift of one more day.