Wednesday, August 17, 2011

William Arthur

He is luminous and luscious
a round cornered boy of sturdy bearing.
his mind is electric, shooting sparks
through his eyes,
you see his soul.
Green eyed boy,
of sweetness made.
of knights and butterflies
and hidden dreams.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bone and Flesh

There is a house

Made of bone and flesh

Who lives inside?

What lives inside

Dark corners, too small

Room after room

Room after room

Room after room

Windows opaque, unseeing

Unseen, the truth of being

Too fearful to raise it’s head,

furtively glancing behind

And beyond.

Sniffing the air, wishing for rain,

Wishing for soup.

A house made of bone and flesh,

So slowly it twirls,

A child at twilight

Golden hair lifting,

Skirt rising,

ballooning around dirty knees.

Tiptoe tiny dancer,

Green green grass beneath

her dirty feet.

Dance dance dance…

Hands outstretched

Wishing for hands

To touch.

Eyes closed upon the


No firefly lights

Her way

No hands reach out.

Spinning slowly

Furtively peering over

Window sills,

Through glass opaque,

No hands reach out,

Or through.

No rain

No soup.