Monday, July 27, 2009


Having the kids here, driving them up and down the backbone of Colorado to the airport, playdates (what else can you call what they do here?) concerts, hunting and gathering, the quest for sun and water. I'm sure you get my drift here. Along with my daytime job, and my suddenly active doll etc. business (I'm making a second quilt and matching teddy bear), I'm gripping the days with fingers extended to their maximum.
They're at someone else’s house this week; I can attempt to clean around their triple parked "stuff".
and finish the quilt and bear, and start the next doll- a centerpiece for an autumn foyer display for a woman who lives near you. Autumn? Summer? Did winter actually end? And now it's peeking over the Rockies at me again.
Ok, going to take a shower now ttyl

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