Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Born

it's true that there will come a day when you'll wake up from a deep, relaxing sleep and realize that 'today is the first day of the rest of your life'. I know that sounds like an antique cliche, but it happened to me today. it made me laugh. a true, joyful, giggly laugh.
I am comfortable in my skin. Yes, I am no longer young...yes, I am no longer sleekly beautiful...yes, my thoughts have shifted to a brand new level of consciousness. Am I glad about these changes? Yes and no. I'm a bit fearful that the years left to me are visible and numbered. But, no one could ever acuse me of being a pessimist. I'm a joyful woman. I raise my hands to my own internal keyboard and compose, and create, and spin, and weave a bounty of beautiful eye candy. My notes are all the colors of the rainbow, all the notes in the Universe, all the textures of our life. Comfortable in my skin.

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  1. Wonderful words, and oh so have said what I am feeling more and more. We're the same age and, like you, I am no longer young and beautiful (if indeed I ever was) but I have learnt that it doesn't matter.