Sunday, July 4, 2010

Smoke Signals from 5000 feet

life altering changes seem to be the hallmark of this span in a human life.
in my life the alteration comes from my decision to move away from a place where I am isolated, to a place within the beating heart of a big city.
this month, the month of my 63rd birthday, I'm moving to a high rise apartment in Denver. Where I can immerse
myself in the pulsing life at ground level, or climb to the top where I'll have a 360 degree view 5000 feet above sea level and ten stories up.
my goal is to develop an environment where I can write about things, people, places as seen from my own eyes, mind and heart.
soon I will be sending up smoke signals from the inner most ring of Denver.

I'm going with low expectations because I hate to be disappointed, and betrayal of any sort leaves a very bad, vinegary taste in my mouth... no betrayal or disappointment allowed. only new experiences, a full and functioning imagination, and hugs; lots and lots of touching. when I realized that I am never touched, and I never touch anyone, a sense of urgency pushed me to this decision. without the touch of human skin, and human interaction I was wilting like a flower deprived of water and sunlight.
and so, for me, another change in direction.

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  1. I know you're going to absolutely thrive, make more of your wonderful dolls, and be very happy in your new home Mardene : ) Mazel Tov!! <3 xoxo