Monday, March 12, 2012

No rest for the eternally distracted...

    What I've discovered at the ripe old age of 65 is that the 'been there done that' mentality has ruled my entire life without me even realizing it.  Example:  I could drop a perfectly good job/behavior/art/husband (not so much), etc, (you get the picture), in favor of  the next new tangent.  
     Interestingly this mindset morphed as I became aware of the brain spasm that occurs just before I switch gears and learn how to change the oil in my car(this is only an example, I would never change the oil in my car). 
    And now comes the stealth response. I kid you not; I haven't changed one bit except now after the spasm occurs, I rationalize it by forgiving myself for dropping what I'm doing to go do something else. And that masks the truth (stealth quality)....the truth being I haven't learned anything in 65 years, I'm still hopping from one foot to the other, but now I'm nicer to myself when I realize that I've done it again.

 No rest for the eternally distracted.

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