Saturday, November 2, 2013

Errant Thoughts

Intermittently Sparking Synapses #249

Today is no different….
   The game was always the same: girls taller than me, blonder than me; girls chosen first, first before me. Laughter and talking melding into a constant din; the din rising and falling as each girl was chosen.
   And alone I stood, an island of crackling nerves, shuffling my feet, hands holding on to each other for fear they might do something regrettable. 
   And at last I was chosen, last as always, at the end, unheard, unseen, unwanted.


  1. I hated gym class. I was fat and clumsy and unwanted, too.

  2. So simple and heartbreaking, and so many readers will relate.

  3. *sign* I remember those high school days. It was never fun being chosen last. I like to think though that helped me be a better person now and always be on the look at for the person who normally gets chosen last and to choose them first when I get the chance.