Saturday, January 3, 2015

side by side, hip to hip

…and in the darkness of our nights
       We gather,  one by one.
A fire is set and sheds it’s warmth
  And calls to us,
     To each of us.
Alone we come, and together,
                                  into the light
                                          and warmth.
    …and sitting side by side,
                       shoulder to shoulder,
  As if to hold each other up,
                   we share our tears
                                           and joy.

…and the darkness of our night becomes
             another thing.

   Shoulder to shoulder,
Hip to hip.
In the circle
  We become
                another thing.

…and the stories emerge,
One by one,
           and merge
                    and flow
                         and join
                                and shine.
Shoulder to shoulder to shoulder
Hip to hip.

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